catherine hammerton, i heart you

please let me share with you all my latest interiors crush. *swoon*

catherine hammerton, a designer based in london, is responsible for the lovely images above. (look at her website, it's well fab) shamelessly shared from the archives of design*sponge - thanks beautiful people! 

i love everything about this house. please wrap it up in brown paper and string and send it to me. fanks.

it's now a quarter to midnight and it's passing out time!! sorry this post wasn't very detailed, but i think the images speak for themselves. hope you've all had gorgeous days. mwah. 


back to school

hi lovelies! how are we today?

i'm not sure if i've yet confessed my stationary addiction, but here we go. given that a bunch of us will soon be starting new semesters come september, i thought it apt to indulge in a little sifting and sorting, and share with you some of the things i'd love to have on hand to make studying that little bit more fun.

i'm such a fan of the staedtler fineliner pens above. the colours are all gorgeous and i find writing in a rainbow really helps me to remember things, particularly when revising! the scarf below isn't necessarily a writing tool, but too cute not to include, especially when the cool autumn breezes start to blow.

i love, love, love the way these pencils have been packaged. no, they're not entirely practical to take to class with you, but still! - who wouldn't want test-tube pencils? perfect for the scientist in your life.

it's true that only coffee from the best place on campus (kilau) will see me through my nine a.m. lectures, but the juiceboxes below are super cute. they were designed by the seriously talented yunyeen yong. the site she's featured on, lovely package (fnrrr) is a fantastic website showcasing product design from all over the world. it's a real source of inspiration. i'm looking up origami fruit as we speak.

more fruit-inspired packaging. think i might be developing a serious crush. thank you, naoto fukasawa!

a pantone-designed rubix cube, for idle moments and desperate painter-decorators. it's the nerd's answer to colour choosing. 


utterly adorable deer shaped paper clips, from billet.jp. and on occasion, i'd like to offer whoever's marking my essay the stamp below.

what are your essentials for going back to school with? cute backpacks, pencil cases, malibu tipped pens? is there something that brings a smile to your face even during the dullest lessons? for me, food shaped erasers (hamburgers and fries, predominantly) and a hot cup of tea cheer me up no end.

here's hoping you guys have a stunning weekend. much love. 

images courtesy of lovely package, billet.jp, perpetualkid.com, and etsy.
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