orange and poppyseed cake

so again, life got in the way of my plans! haha, i'll apologise again, but it's been so good fitting back into life in aberdeen that i guess the writing has just had to take a backseat! i'm missing the huge amounts of free time that i had whilst in corsica (never thought i would, but there you go!) 

i'm moving back into my apartment two weeks today *happy dance* i've been scrolling through my archives online and flipping through old magazines, looking for inspiration.

here's what's tickling my fancy just now:

images pilfered from: stylizimo.comapartment therapy, and design*sponge.

i'm now off to bulk-buy bull dog clips, white paint, and asian papery anything. how has everyone been doing?!

big thank you to orange&green, a fellow edinburgh fan for my first award! 
apparently now i have to tell you seven things about myself (you poor dears...)

1.avocados, red and green grapes, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, bananas and buttery bagels make up my breakfast every day.
2.i love the scarlet cape of the creeping virginia that arrives during autumn and blankets the buildings on my university campus.
3. i truly believe that nothing beats the slow burn after a really good work out.
4. white is pretty much my favouritest colour ever.
5. i've written a book.
6. one day i'll open up a coffee shop, live my dream, travel the world, learn to do a backflip.
7. my family are the most important people in the whole world to me. i'm truly blessed to have them. i may not have the biggest quantity of friends, but the friends i have surprise, delight and inspire me always. i like wearing my boyfriend's socks because it makes me feel like my feet are touching his. 

(maybe all that was more than seven...)

right, duckies, i'm passing this on to my darling friend miss heather mydosh. you're a gem, lovie. i adore your blog and your writings. i'm not sure how to copy and paste the award - so here's a picture of this beautiful woman instead.

she's award enough for me!

anyway, i must be off - so many exciting things happening this week - working, thrifting, sushi night/date night with my boy (hooray!) and dashing home sunday for an edinburgh fix and some of mamma's cooking.

thanks for persevering, beautiful people. have a gorgeous tuesday - and hurrah for the start of summer tomorrow! get those straw hats out!! 


apologies to all!

hey there gorgeous friends!

first things first - apologies. getting home from corsica, moving home four times in two weeks, and getting my life back in here scotland up to speed has left a definite hole in this little blogosphere of mine!

(the fact that i had a 3000 word essay to be written in french took up a nice wee chunk out of my time here too)

but i digress - homes moved, nesting semi-accomplished, coffee skills being rehoned (hah!) and essays written - delighted may now reclaim its place in my ever busying schedule.

i've got lots of photos of la rosa and other such lovely things to share with you, and will post them later this week. i'm nipping back to edinburgh tomorrow morning to have a tooth TLC'd and to pick up my mimi-USB for the aforementioned camera, such are the joys of specific technology.

so til then, and for your visual delight, i leave you with some pretty, pretty pictures of home, happy now that the voyage of the last eight months has come to an end.

praise be scotland.

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