sultans of swing. and comedy, and uni, and coloured pens.

hey homies! how's it going? that's me almost finished my first week back at uni, and it's been awesome. i think i broke my record for signing up for societies, and am so happy to be back at training and classes i could cry. 

of course, societies and sports aside - everyone knows what the start of a new semester hails: autumn. cosy jumpers, snapcold winds, a glory of leaves. it means coffee, baking, and if you're me - a lot of pantry stocking in prep for those cold winter days! i think this is a leftover compulsion from my previous life as a tubby doormouse. anyone who knows me properly would agree. 

i also have two really lovely new flatmates, and we're all bobbing along rather nicely. it has meant, however, that there's not quite as much available cupboard space! i am often given bemused looks as shane or david realise that i've comandeered the entire kitchen once again. poor things. 

in the spirit of larder stocking i have gleefully been writing down lists of new recipes to try, and, if possible, stick in a jar, or freeze batches of. and then trying desperately to find somewhere to put everything i've bought or made. 

it's all very homey and domestic-goddessy. i can't think of anything more beautiful or welcoming than a jewel-toned, brightly labelled, well stocked pantry. 

you might have noticed the gorgeous pictures which are interspersing this ramble of mine. anyone heard of heather bullard? of course you have. she's not only an incredible stylist, she's also an editor for US country living and has a really lovely personal blog, from which these photos have been gratefully reproduced. 

it's been decided that duck-egg walls, wooden tables and subway tiles are a seriously fabulous combination. hello, the fremont diner.

i dare you to find me something more visually appealing than a well-stocked delicatessen or speciality food store. tyler florence (a chef who also would not look out of place in WWE, i might add) has a simply stunning shop in mill valley, california. their shop panorama is a must-se, even if it does make your eyes a bit googly. 

i will confess to having bought something purely for its beautiful label. anyone else done this, or should i hang my head in shame? the photo below is, i believe, of dean and deluca, a shop which nigella lawson described as "pulse-quickening". the foodie in me agrees. 

i now need an elk in my kitchen. a real one as a pet would be even better. 

yum. what are your favourite autumn traditions? do you have any recipes you particularly look forward to making?

thank you for reading. i hope you've all had really beautiful days. 


catherine hammerton, i heart you

please let me share with you all my latest interiors crush. *swoon*

catherine hammerton, a designer based in london, is responsible for the lovely images above. (look at her website, it's well fab) shamelessly shared from the archives of design*sponge - thanks beautiful people! 

i love everything about this house. please wrap it up in brown paper and string and send it to me. fanks.

it's now a quarter to midnight and it's passing out time!! sorry this post wasn't very detailed, but i think the images speak for themselves. hope you've all had gorgeous days. mwah. 


back to school

hi lovelies! how are we today?

i'm not sure if i've yet confessed my stationary addiction, but here we go. given that a bunch of us will soon be starting new semesters come september, i thought it apt to indulge in a little sifting and sorting, and share with you some of the things i'd love to have on hand to make studying that little bit more fun.

i'm such a fan of the staedtler fineliner pens above. the colours are all gorgeous and i find writing in a rainbow really helps me to remember things, particularly when revising! the scarf below isn't necessarily a writing tool, but too cute not to include, especially when the cool autumn breezes start to blow.

i love, love, love the way these pencils have been packaged. no, they're not entirely practical to take to class with you, but still! - who wouldn't want test-tube pencils? perfect for the scientist in your life.

it's true that only coffee from the best place on campus (kilau) will see me through my nine a.m. lectures, but the juiceboxes below are super cute. they were designed by the seriously talented yunyeen yong. the site she's featured on, lovely package (fnrrr) is a fantastic website showcasing product design from all over the world. it's a real source of inspiration. i'm looking up origami fruit as we speak.

more fruit-inspired packaging. think i might be developing a serious crush. thank you, naoto fukasawa!

a pantone-designed rubix cube, for idle moments and desperate painter-decorators. it's the nerd's answer to colour choosing. 


utterly adorable deer shaped paper clips, from billet.jp. and on occasion, i'd like to offer whoever's marking my essay the stamp below.

what are your essentials for going back to school with? cute backpacks, pencil cases, malibu tipped pens? is there something that brings a smile to your face even during the dullest lessons? for me, food shaped erasers (hamburgers and fries, predominantly) and a hot cup of tea cheer me up no end.

here's hoping you guys have a stunning weekend. much love. 

images courtesy of lovely package, billet.jp, perpetualkid.com, and etsy.



hello there, shiny happy people!! what a treat it is to be back and blogging again (welcome to our new beautiful followers! hope you guys enjoy the ride.)

i hope you're all doing well and enjoying summer, in whichever form it comes to you. today we're having a wee look at white, with hints of colour. i nearly gave myself a hernia the other day rearranging my room - the blood, sweat and tears were rewarded with a nice new layout, more space, and a renewed feeling of energy. it's funny how just freshening up the look of a room can change its entire dynamic.

whilst reading the internet this evening, i came across an aptly titled site i'm so excited to share with you: interiors-porn

it does exactly what it says on the tin. i usually find tumblr a dark and scary maze, but interiors-porn is the product of much internet sifting - and such gold to be found! the following are a few of my favourites.

i love the combination of mirrored side table and rusty legs, outlandish flowers and a lovely rainy photo. flowers breathe life into a room, i'm convinced of it.

something about the combination of wooden floors, dark sofa, and white walls is a true classic. i think what calls to me most is the versatility of such a space - you can change your furnishings according to mood or season. nothing need be static or stagnant. there were recent cries from design*sponge readers who are keen to see "sneak peek" spaces that don't follow the classic pattern above - change from the midcentury white-walled classic is most certainly refreshing, but i think the versatility and personal touches added to these spaces is truly where the creativity lies. don't overlook it!

coatrack/jewellery rack!? love it. note to self: start collecting exciting necklaces immediately.

more midcentury style, except there seems to be a touch more luxury - layered pillows, blankets, downies and so on. my bed is currently rocking this look - dove grey, white and gold themes going on - i'll take photos as soon as i unearth my camera and spam you poor people!

a stunning wall display from milliner ashley lloyd (via d*s - this lady's website is a work of art in itself...)

again, another gem brought to us from interiors-porn. i love the pink tulips, bright white armchairs and jewel toned-cushions. the room is vibrant, and soothing, relaxing and energising. i love it!

and whilst we're on our pillows theme - have some whimsy to brighten up your sunday! i'm in love with these sweet treats brought to you via pinterest (still my greatest addiction)

i hope you guys have enjoyed this little post of mine - we're trying out a slightly larger font size too, how do you like it?

fingers crossed you've all had gorgeous weekends and are well rested for the week ahead!

see you soon, and big love. xx


"i just want to take your innocence"

good morning beautiful people! let's skip the apologies and head straight to the post, huh?

this morning, whilst necking tropicana's addictive orange and lime juice, having my usual noodle on the internet, i came across a preview of the books design*sponge will soon be releasing (and if any of you have followed me for a considerable amount of time, you'll know just how much i love this site and how excited i am about this book! eeeeee!)

so today, for those of you who are just doing their own noodling - here are some images (gratefully reproduced from the site) of the chapter they've just previewed. it's one i am super excited about. can you guess what it is!?

house tours!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! i highly recommend you go and check out their post here (plus a billion more delicious images). 

i hope you all have gorgeous days! more posts coming your way soon.


scratch my spine

hey there, cats and dolls! 

so, i need to fess up to a partial look-book addiction. i hate it. i really do. the titles, the narcissism, the hipsterism all make my toes curl with their awful, innocent self-importance. occasionally, you get a gem, however, and that is why i torture myself with it. don't say self harm is all bad.

see? sometimes a love-hate relationship yields results. what's your opinion on lookbook? are they all oeuvres in the rough, or just plain 'orrible?

i feel less guilty about rifling through pinterest picks, however. mind you, if i see another "thinspiration" board, i might cry. we are all beautiful as we are and should believe so and treat ourselves as such. your breasts are tremendous, the way your arse bounces when you walk is gorgeous, and the way your waist is smaller than your bust or hips is what makes you a woman. and if you're naturally slender, so what? enjoy how you look, however you look. celebrate your figure.

so far, our running themes include -

really old t-shirts.
denim shirts.
circus tights.
ethnic embellishments.
table runners,
and maxi everything.

(if anyone knows where i can pick up the sofa and the name of the paint featured in photo 1, i'll pay you in cookies for the rest of your life.)

(sources: pinterestlookbook)
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