sultans of swing. and comedy, and uni, and coloured pens.

hey homies! how's it going? that's me almost finished my first week back at uni, and it's been awesome. i think i broke my record for signing up for societies, and am so happy to be back at training and classes i could cry. 

of course, societies and sports aside - everyone knows what the start of a new semester hails: autumn. cosy jumpers, snapcold winds, a glory of leaves. it means coffee, baking, and if you're me - a lot of pantry stocking in prep for those cold winter days! i think this is a leftover compulsion from my previous life as a tubby doormouse. anyone who knows me properly would agree. 

i also have two really lovely new flatmates, and we're all bobbing along rather nicely. it has meant, however, that there's not quite as much available cupboard space! i am often given bemused looks as shane or david realise that i've comandeered the entire kitchen once again. poor things. 

in the spirit of larder stocking i have gleefully been writing down lists of new recipes to try, and, if possible, stick in a jar, or freeze batches of. and then trying desperately to find somewhere to put everything i've bought or made. 

it's all very homey and domestic-goddessy. i can't think of anything more beautiful or welcoming than a jewel-toned, brightly labelled, well stocked pantry. 

you might have noticed the gorgeous pictures which are interspersing this ramble of mine. anyone heard of heather bullard? of course you have. she's not only an incredible stylist, she's also an editor for US country living and has a really lovely personal blog, from which these photos have been gratefully reproduced. 

it's been decided that duck-egg walls, wooden tables and subway tiles are a seriously fabulous combination. hello, the fremont diner.

i dare you to find me something more visually appealing than a well-stocked delicatessen or speciality food store. tyler florence (a chef who also would not look out of place in WWE, i might add) has a simply stunning shop in mill valley, california. their shop panorama is a must-se, even if it does make your eyes a bit googly. 

i will confess to having bought something purely for its beautiful label. anyone else done this, or should i hang my head in shame? the photo below is, i believe, of dean and deluca, a shop which nigella lawson described as "pulse-quickening". the foodie in me agrees. 

i now need an elk in my kitchen. a real one as a pet would be even better. 

yum. what are your favourite autumn traditions? do you have any recipes you particularly look forward to making?

thank you for reading. i hope you've all had really beautiful days. 

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