hello there, shiny happy people!! what a treat it is to be back and blogging again (welcome to our new beautiful followers! hope you guys enjoy the ride.)

i hope you're all doing well and enjoying summer, in whichever form it comes to you. today we're having a wee look at white, with hints of colour. i nearly gave myself a hernia the other day rearranging my room - the blood, sweat and tears were rewarded with a nice new layout, more space, and a renewed feeling of energy. it's funny how just freshening up the look of a room can change its entire dynamic.

whilst reading the internet this evening, i came across an aptly titled site i'm so excited to share with you: interiors-porn

it does exactly what it says on the tin. i usually find tumblr a dark and scary maze, but interiors-porn is the product of much internet sifting - and such gold to be found! the following are a few of my favourites.

i love the combination of mirrored side table and rusty legs, outlandish flowers and a lovely rainy photo. flowers breathe life into a room, i'm convinced of it.

something about the combination of wooden floors, dark sofa, and white walls is a true classic. i think what calls to me most is the versatility of such a space - you can change your furnishings according to mood or season. nothing need be static or stagnant. there were recent cries from design*sponge readers who are keen to see "sneak peek" spaces that don't follow the classic pattern above - change from the midcentury white-walled classic is most certainly refreshing, but i think the versatility and personal touches added to these spaces is truly where the creativity lies. don't overlook it!

coatrack/jewellery rack!? love it. note to self: start collecting exciting necklaces immediately.

more midcentury style, except there seems to be a touch more luxury - layered pillows, blankets, downies and so on. my bed is currently rocking this look - dove grey, white and gold themes going on - i'll take photos as soon as i unearth my camera and spam you poor people!

a stunning wall display from milliner ashley lloyd (via d*s - this lady's website is a work of art in itself...)

again, another gem brought to us from interiors-porn. i love the pink tulips, bright white armchairs and jewel toned-cushions. the room is vibrant, and soothing, relaxing and energising. i love it!

and whilst we're on our pillows theme - have some whimsy to brighten up your sunday! i'm in love with these sweet treats brought to you via pinterest (still my greatest addiction)

i hope you guys have enjoyed this little post of mine - we're trying out a slightly larger font size too, how do you like it?

fingers crossed you've all had gorgeous weekends and are well rested for the week ahead!

see you soon, and big love. xx

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