"i just want to take your innocence"

good morning beautiful people! let's skip the apologies and head straight to the post, huh?

this morning, whilst necking tropicana's addictive orange and lime juice, having my usual noodle on the internet, i came across a preview of the books design*sponge will soon be releasing (and if any of you have followed me for a considerable amount of time, you'll know just how much i love this site and how excited i am about this book! eeeeee!)

so today, for those of you who are just doing their own noodling - here are some images (gratefully reproduced from the site) of the chapter they've just previewed. it's one i am super excited about. can you guess what it is!?

house tours!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! i highly recommend you go and check out their post here (plus a billion more delicious images). 

i hope you all have gorgeous days! more posts coming your way soon.

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