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hey there, cats and dolls! 

so, i need to fess up to a partial look-book addiction. i hate it. i really do. the titles, the narcissism, the hipsterism all make my toes curl with their awful, innocent self-importance. occasionally, you get a gem, however, and that is why i torture myself with it. don't say self harm is all bad.

see? sometimes a love-hate relationship yields results. what's your opinion on lookbook? are they all oeuvres in the rough, or just plain 'orrible?

i feel less guilty about rifling through pinterest picks, however. mind you, if i see another "thinspiration" board, i might cry. we are all beautiful as we are and should believe so and treat ourselves as such. your breasts are tremendous, the way your arse bounces when you walk is gorgeous, and the way your waist is smaller than your bust or hips is what makes you a woman. and if you're naturally slender, so what? enjoy how you look, however you look. celebrate your figure.

so far, our running themes include -

really old t-shirts.
denim shirts.
circus tights.
ethnic embellishments.
table runners,
and maxi everything.

(if anyone knows where i can pick up the sofa and the name of the paint featured in photo 1, i'll pay you in cookies for the rest of your life.)

(sources: pinterestlookbook)

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