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i am forever indebted to the pinterest community for turning me on to urban outfitters rugs. i'm currently in my pj's, complete with glass of wine and laptop warming (yes, you guessed it!) my lap. it's a pretty good place to sit and sip and browse from, so i'd like to share with you a few favourites of mine from the urban outfitters site. 

whilst ensconced in little back street cafes munching croissants and knocking back espresso, it came to my attention that my flat at home had a lovely little welcome mat, but no rug to welcome one's feet once you were actually inside the door. i love the vintage rose rug above as it has a quaint, pixel-y feel about it, but i think (ironically) my heart is set on the one just above. mainly because it is just £12, on sale, but also because it is simply charming. i love all my friends dearly, and they should know that i never want them to leave my flat, ever! the above rug expresses my sentiments perfectly.

the above print makes my toes curl a little bit with its hipsterism/post-modernity/tweeness, but apart from that, i think it's adorable. i don't know if i'd necessarily want it on my wall, but i think it's lovely all the same.

but then again, that's the ironic thing about urban outfitters is that it can outdo itself in terms of how hipster-y it really is, but you will almost certainly find yourself a treasure, if you can brave the big NHS specs, neon, and comedy moustaches. i'm working on it, which is why their online boutique is so good for me, haha!

and despite my recent denouncing of hipsters and all they stand for, everyone needs a rainbow clock for their entryway. i'd love to pair the above with some black lacquered antlers, and maybe a white china teapot for my keys. 

other ideas for my entry way include prettily written essential numbers (police, ambulance, pizza guy...), a tray for the wifi (or weefee if you're my mother), the teapot/bowl for my keys, maybe an umbrella stand? i'm also keen on either making or purchasing this sign to hang in the hall (also mentioned here). it makes me giggle every time i see it!

what do you think of urban outfitters - yes or no? and what are your essentials for your hallways? is there something that makes you sigh with joy at being home? 

please share! hope you've all had lovely days. 

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  1. The heart rug is perfect. I decree that it must be yours.

    An umbrella stand is necessary. I just to have one that was a rusty old milk pail kinda thing, super heavy and with wee handles and it always made me feel like I should go ahead and buy the pretty umbrella and feather duster-- after all, I had the perfect place to put it!


  2. The heart rug is soooo cute!!

    And on hipsters and urban outfitters: Urban Outfitters is technically too mainstream for hipsters if we're to go with their common-stereotype; unless they shop there "ironically". However Mhairi pointed out that hipsters could also be said to be a mutation of the indie subculture, with all the vanity and none of the authenticity, all thanks to misrepresentation by the mass media which sought to demonise young people.

    So under this, it's a toss-up between a movement of pure superficiality, or the mass media being hate-mongering assholes. Neither are all that unlikely, sadly.

  3. I'm having a giveaway on my blog right now for studded denim shorts from runway dreamz if you'd like to check it out. xx


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