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good evening everyone! i hope you've all had really lovely days - it's been just beautiful here in edinburgh! i realise i've neglected this little blog of mine for a wee while, so i came home from charity shopping around morningside this afternoon inspired to snap a few photos of my rearranged and tidied room for you. 

yesterday saw a rekindling of my  k-pop addiction and the completion of my most recent crafty project - sewing crystal buttons onto a cardi i picked up from good old primark that morning in stirling! it's now got a pretty vintage feel to it: i reckon dita would be proud of me.

the infamous kay nielsen calendar, and an angel fresco i picked up back in corsica, haggled down by a good €50. below is my own washing line - having banged on about them for so long i thought it only appropriate to include my own! 

"celebrate the everyday" from banterbanner.com

fairy lights and laissez lucie faire. the painting was a present from my gorgeous little brother for christmas. 

an accidentally moody but rather pleasing shot of my salvaged lampshade and this evening's plonk. the tablecloth is an embroidered table runner also seen here.

my newly rearranged bookshelves, favourite reads, knitting project and (now empty) strawberry pocky. can you spot the rachel ashwell fan?

more corsican antique finds, religious iconography, pocket watch and hearts. phew!

i'm moving in with manboy for a month or so until my flat in aberdeen is mercifully devoid of law students, so sit tight for photos of his eloise-d flat! (i won't be able to help myself, the chalkboard paint shall abound...)

we're off to la rosa (SQUEE) on monday - photos will abound. i'm stupidly excited - let's hope the weather holds out! what do you guys have planned for your weekends? is the weather lovely where you are? 

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