edinburgh love

a few shots from a trip to the city today (i'm home for five days for my mother's birthday and a dear friend's 21st!) and a couple of photos of my bedroom at home so you can see how i love to live. 

another 'gold shoes omfg' moment. 

handmade jewellery and too much nail varnish...

can you spot laissez lucie faire anywhere?!

yours truly.

urban angels! i'm pulling my scary eyebrow i use on misbehaving students. such a beautiful delicatessen space. i was so tempted to try the CHOCOLAT THUNDR smoothie.

artisan roast LUST! oh, how i love this little coffee shop. rose and black pepper and chilli, vanilla and cinnamon hot chocolate. gorgeous. so gorgeous. chunky wooden tables, cafetiere lamps, latte art. phwoar.

sneaky photos shot from the hip in john lewis' haberdashery. the most divine bolts of cloth that i will somehow buy for myself to go with a salvaged armchair i intend on covering with a leopardskin throw. i will become an art-nouveau/spring brights cushion making machine as soon as i get back - watch this space!

(all photo credits copyright to me. use respectfully - email me please should you wish to share these photos. thank you.)

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