moodboarding has become pretty essential to my life in the last few months. returning home from edinburgh to corsica after christmas was frankly awful, but i was armed with my mood boards and have discovered that they're the best way to help me focus on the positive and the present. whilst these photos aren't quite as great as those taken with the SLR, i hope you don't mind me sharing a little bit of what inspires me with you all. 

the kay nielsen calendar provides daily inspiration (and i have endless ideas for how to chop it up and reuse it come 2012!)

the above is my portable, more personal moodboard - a lot of the images represent ideas more than anything else. except those rainbow swarovksi heels. how long and how much to you reckon it would cost me to make my own? hmm...

no magazine is safe from my endless snipping and chopping. i'm that really annoying person that sits in doctor's waiting rooms and tears out sneaky pages that i just have to have. 

and as much as i love my own moodboards, i've got a real thing about other people's!! what are your techniques for creating an inspiring space?

israel, helmut lang, fast food joints and graffiti. it all goes in.

do you make moodboards? what inspires you? (and has anyone spotted my third 'gold shoes omfg' moment?!) 

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