and breathe...

 i am so very much in love with everything below, but particularly the stacking skeleton espresso cups. 

cups above from luna & curious. i actually find a lot of their stuff pretty creepy, but those mugs are just too great to pass up. 

away from the creepy and towards the whimsy, we have anthropologie to thank for the glorious deer-headed gilded porcelain loveliness above, and the tea towels and beautiful tea cups below. only by selling my body parts or winning the lottery or marrying a very rich, near-death gentleman would i be able to afford the latter. 

anyone spotting joi svezia's influence here?! i'm in love with the fuschia and gold ottomen from tabletonic.com, but at around $200 each, i'd better find that rich old man soon!

well, a girl can dream, huh? i can just see the gold ottoman perched prettily in my living room. i wonder if there's a DIY out there? hmm....

i hope you're all looking forward to the weekend! what plans do you have in store?

all images can be found here.

2 commentaires:

  1. i dont usually like gold stuff but that gold ottomen! great!
    the row house nest

  2. totally agree!! just checked out your site, fellow nester, what a beauty!!


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