q. how do you eat an elephant?

a. one bite at a time!

good morning all!! it's lovely to be back after my wee hiatus (as you all know, manboy came to visit, and then i returned home to scotland for six days for my mum's birthday! it was a really quick trip but i had the most wonderful time, as always.)

i've missed you all so much! i've been stockpiling pretty things in my absence, so i'll be sharing those with you over the next few days, but this morning, whilst contemplating my last few weeks in corsica (!) and sucking down a cup of tea, i was browsing the archives of apartment therapy, and discovered the gem below

not only is the re-worked snug space above beautiful, it also cost next to nothing! i love the idea of the poetry on the wall with the telephone wires and the way the room has been pulled together, despite being such an awkward space (think biggest room in the house but L-shaped. arg.)

i guess i find the "before and after" above so inspiring because, as a self-supported student, i'm on a pretty tight budget. even on my salary as a teacher, i'll not be making much profit to return home with, so spaces that are made of salvaged materials, handmade cushions, welcome mat printed rugs, hand painted and charmingly thrifty are so inspiring!

speaking of inspiration, Ez over at creature comforts shared her finds on french design site neëst the other day, and i was completely overcome with lust for their wooden baskets, wire baskets, and gorgeous tea towels. my soft-furnishings obession doesn't just stop at cushions, i have all sorts of diabolical plans for tea towel creations, mainly inspired by etsy artists.

but those above are pretty gorgeous too!!

love love love this wire basket, only €21! perfect for stockpiling my issues of vogue, country living and NUDE. if you've not heard of the last one, you should give it a gander. 

and though my knitting leaves much to be desired, i'd quite like a swedish wooden basket to keep my yarns and needles in...

sit tight for an apartment therapy house tour that is so lovely it has me dribbling uncontrollably. until then, happy tuesday everyone!

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