kathryn barnard is really something else when it comes to photography. thanks go to design*sponge for the heads up on this truly incredible photographer when steeping myself in their archives this morning. i was captivated by the warmth in ms. barnard's photographs, and i'm sure you will be too.

whilst i'm a huge food photography plan, i didn't ever really feel inspired to cook by any of the images i saw until now. ms. barnard captures what i love most about real food - the colours, textures, shapes and vibrancy of it.

that being said though, food isn't all she captures well. such evocative photos of both companionship and mystery. 

saved the best for last.... it is spring though, right? can i get a collective "aaaaaaaawwwwwww!!!" ?

if you have a spare five minutes i urge you to both go and look at her portfolio, found here and her blog. it might just make your day! (like those little chicks above made mine)

all images © kathryn barnard. 

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