spray-paint scented hope

i woke up feeling really inspired today. it had been one of those four-day weekends with nothing to do except read, write, and drink funny-flavoured fruit juice. (don't blame me, my friend said that pineapple juice was a good thing) 

maybe it was feeling so frustratedly lacklustre, or the lovely chat i had with manboy last night, or having my only morning class cancelled (which i discovered after i'd hauled my sleepy backside out of bed and was tarted up and dressed...) and several tea-filled glorious hours of possibility stretching beyond me, or a combination of all the above, but i managed to focus on the prospect of being back in my little abode in aberdeen, and what i want to play about with when i get back

and so i present to you my new obsessions: metallic spray paint and amy butler fabrics (pictured in my edinburgh love post). sat in a little bar i will soon be snapping photos of with some truly excellent coffee, i planned out just what i was going to do with my flat, and felt like i was back on track for the first time in days.

you'd be right to say that's probably nothing new, but thanks to design vigilante joi (pronounced joey) svezia and her husband david, i'm viewing the potentials of aerosols and deliciously patterned cloth in a whole new way. i need to send apartment therapy a pint of ice cream or something to say thank you for this house tour

this, upon first glance, had me hooked. so many of the separate elements would have passed me by, but i am just amazed by how beautifully the room is pulled together as one cosy, functional space. and those photos! perfectly, fabulously organised. *swoons*

i love the elements here. and colour! i would have wandered past those luxe silver ottomans (ottomen?) dismissing them as cheap, but here they just add a glamour boost. i have huge respect for mrs. svezia and her incredible sense of style. 

leopard print and navy blue - gorgeous gorgeousness. i adore the pop of pattern and colour in the window blinds too. 

everyone should go and check out this lady's blog right now, particularly as it shows the before and after of the space above. keep your peepers peeled for the gold sprayed butterfly and white painted fresco. see where i'm getting the spray paint and gorgeous fabric thing from!? there's a reason why her blog is so popular - you just have to have a wee peek and you're hooked.

thank you, joi, for your truly inspirational sense of style! 

2 commentaires:

  1. Thanks for SUCH kind words! You are too sweet and have definitely put a smile on my face!!


  2. Not at all!! Thank you for finding me!! And your apartment is totally worth the sweet words!!! :D



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