what do you think about tattoos? i know we're deviating from the norm of interior design here, but i stumbled upon these stunning images from pinterest and had to share them with you.

the woman above is literally saturated with ink, but the designs are so beautiful that her skin is like an intricately embroidered tapestry.

i'm always floored by the stunning designs that people have inked on their skin. i know the healthy eater in me is drawn to the gorgeously inked vegetables.

could tattoos ever be glamourous? do you think they're common, or are really beautiful tattoos a rare occurrence? 

i can't even begin to imagine the mind it would have taken to produce something so incredibly realistic. i'm in the process of wiping drool off my chin at the sight.

last, but not least. the above is almost certainly my favourite - purely because i've never seen man and ink sit together quite so harmoniously. 

a bit of an image glut, but they were all so beautiful i had to share them with you. if you have a spare moment, have a gander at this interesting history of tattoos. have you got any tattoos? would you get one? let me know! hope you're all having fantastic weekends. 

on a side note, if you fancy a giggle, be sure to have a look at my dad's blog. it's got details about how my little brother woke me with his saxophone this morning. i believe they were betting on how long the "saxalarm" would have to be played before i punched one of them. 

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