embracing simplicity

so - first post of the year! i'm currently teaching english out here in corsica, twelve hours a week. it's beautiful out here, but i do have a lot of free time on my hands! having a crazy passion for wooden floors and soft whites, i wanted to share what homey (is that a word?)interiors in january (and in general!) mean for me. 

 there's something really lovely about the simplicity of the above photo - taken from www.weheartit.com/cecilyinistantbul. i guess that spring cleaning and minimalism are all the rage at this time of year! i love that, despite being uncluttered, the room above has a real cosy feel to it.

the above images are from one of my all-time favourite blogs, the jUnkaholic. you should check it out: http://simetra-junkaholic.blogspot.com/ artemis russell and her husband own RUST jewellery: http://www.rustmadeinengland.com/ and are, in their words, junkaholics! they see everything in the best light, and although it seems to be the trendy thing now to go thrifting and marketing, this is something that seems very integral to them as people - and is evident in their home! how beautiful it is. such a wonderful warm feeling about the place. there are many more beautiful photos on her blog. well worth checking out.

i consider myself to be a lucky bunny to have found myself a little flat close to the beach in this sleepy corsican seaside town of mine, and it's a perfect place to be for the wee while i am teaching here - but given its rental nature, and my limited budget, i can't decorate as i'd like! this being said, i do have a wonderful flat back in scotland to come home to - so i tend to spend a fair amount of time daydreaming about the things i can do to re-nest when i get back.

one of those things is to find a kind person who can make me the amazing decal (thank you, weheartit!!) down below. i plan on sticking it up in my kitchen. potentially beside some big gold letters saying "H-U-G"

i don't want to bombard you with too much in one post, but i will leave you with a little quote that says a lot about simplicity and homeliness - perfect for spring cleaning, and keeping cosy against the colds of january!

"less can mean more...a bouquet of bright yellow daffodils in a white milk jug on a pine mantel, sunlight streaming through sparkling windows, the shine of beautifully varnished wooden floors, the shimmering glow and fragrance of pure beeswax candles..." Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance

happy sunday, everyone, and have a wonderful monday too!

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