friday finds!

hello again!! just a few "friday finds" ('scuse the cheesy alliteration) for you all! various sources, including design*sponge, hans blomquist, and the selby. links can all be found to the lefthand side.


gorgeous duck-egg tones in this one, and in the bathroom tiles below - very soothing for bedrooms and bathrooms and other such places intended for extreme relaxation!

i am in love with the soft grey of the walls in this bedroom, echoed by the stripy bedclothes! who'd have thunk grey could be cosy and inviting? the "we are so good together" is a really sweet touch, as are the unusual pillows. 

yes, i am that girl that has forty eight cushions on her bed and has to fling them all off and stack them neatly before i can go to sleep.

aaahhh, white, wood, rustic! all lovely words in my book: i'm especially crazy about the way the shower curtain has been tied back from the bath. that way, it wouldn't get you like my current shower curtain does. nothing scarier than getting vinyl stuck on you first thing in the morning, i can tell you.

gorgeous, gorgeous personal touches here. more paper-washing-line displays, hurrah! the dressing table is also fabulous - the photos/cards/images beneath the glass are a really effective, unusual idea.

when i am big and grown up, i plan on buying my own weight in glass canning jars and storing all my larder goods in them. pasta, rice, noodles, spices, you name it - it's all gonna get jarred. i'm sure that's not the right verb, but i love the utilitarian simplicity of a lack of packaging.

the above reminds me, quite happily, of my darling friend heather's living room in her old flat in aberdeen. whilst i haven't visited her new one, heather is one of these people who has a talent for making a home wherever she goes. it's an enviable skill! she sticks all her precious memories up on her walls - vinyl covers, like me, and twin paintings of ships over the mantelpiece. her "make tea not war" needlepoint cushion is a particular favourite! 

anyway - happy friday everyone! i hope you all have the best of weekends!!

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  1. Absolutely love that bedroom with the grey walls! particularly the picture frames.. i need some of that on my walls!!
    ^_^ xx


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