gosh darn, that's pretty...

january, february and march have some of the prettiest skies around, i'm convinced of it! pale blues and icy clouds, silver fog: it's all lovely!

i bought some roses on the way home from class at nine a.m. this morning (french schools start at 8 and finish at 5 - madness!! madness!!!) they are appropriately shabby chic - palest green with soft pink edges, and got me thinking about colours and the best way to show that off in the home. below is an image i unearthed months ago - but i love the plate display with its delicate feminine feel - and the pastels are accentuated by the black plate. it's pretty, but with bite. very cool indeed, canadian house and home!

the above images are all from apartment therapy - and i can't stress enough how much i love the white on white on white and that duck egg floor. wow! what a great way to inject some colour into your home if you're a giant fan of white walls like me. the contrast between the pale blue crockery above and the dark wood is really beautiful as well. smashing! 

ah, etsy, how i love thee! a veritable emporium for all things vintage, whimsy, retro and handmade. their featured seller and blog updates always reel me in, and i never stop delighting in the purchases i've made on etsy (namely cards that make me snort with laughter, and belt buckles...) but also a fantastic source of inspiration. these antique bottles (though the link is to a photo - it's still worth purchasing!) lined up in a row along your windowsill, a rose in each (sorry, still on the flower theme here) to catch the morning light. 

gold and turquoise seem to fit each other just as well as the stunning dark blue and white of the china tablecloth weights above. the pottery shards have all been hand collected in england and transformed into something that elevates your usual tablecloth into something really special! they would make a fabulous addition to an outdoor dinner party (especially in lovely windy britain!), or, as suggested by the lady who makes them - as a hostess gift.

speaking of cards that make me snort with laughter, take a look at bipolar betty. these witty, sarky cards appeal hugely to my horrible sense of humour, and i should warn my loved ones that they may all receive cards such as the one below for the rest of their lives.

(i love you guys, honest) happy monday everybody!! see you again soon no doubt: i'm off to play aerosmith really loudly and eat courgette fritters. 

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