kay (kigh) nielsen - crumbs!

ok - this may, for some, be an image overload, but i discovered the work of fairytale illustrator and awesome artist kay (pronouced 'kigh') nielsen today. and, oh boy, did i fall in love! i'm a huge lover of all things mythical/fantastical/ethereal (ask anyone who knows me) and finding the stunning work of this artist has maybe even toppled arthur rackham from first place in my faerie-loving heart (!) 

that being said though, jan pienkowski, arthur rackham, and edmund dulac all share this same dreamlike quality so appropriate to the illustration of fairytales.

i have, since discovering mr. nielsen's work, purchased a calendar of his drawings at vast expense which will hopefully arrive roughly around valentine's day! how romantic!! i can't wait to hang it on the walls of my little abode and find myself inspired by his work every day. 

what gets me most about his work though, is the riot of colour and the beautiful attention to detail. every image is so rich in colour and design, you could gaze into the picture and always spot something new.

the above is a personal favourite - but it would be so hard to choose just one! i'm ridiculously excited for 2012 so i can chop up my calendar and frame his work around my flat.

is that sad?

phew!! well, thank you for sticking with me (if you've made it down this far!!!) i sure hope this puts a little magic in your thursday!!

p.s: most images taken from weheartit, otherwise supplied by google image searcher.

2 commentaires:

  1. I love these! I don't think it's sad you're eager for 2012 to arrive just so that you can transform your calendar into wall art instead. I'd probably do the same too!

  2. Haha, thank you Celine!! It's lovely to hear from you. Roll on 2012, huh?


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