seoul got soul

hello again! ok, so, i had a bit of a revelation over the weekend. blogstalking was at its peak when i came across this wonderful seoul city guide on design*sponge, posted by a lady named katie merchant. whilst i can't glean a huge amount of information about this explorer and photographer, i gather that she's spent some time in this incredible city - delivering some amazing photos of what looks to be a thriving coffee, cafe, art culture, plus topknots and manbuns. 

it took me so long to work out what those were, seriously.

vintage! hand-picked! salon yong! KERPOW! i wish corsica had shops like this. (i visited the croix rouge in bastia the other day. in the rain. it was cold, and closed - but man, they had one creepy window display. creeeeeeeepy. not heading back there in a hurry!) apparently the hongdae, insa-dong and itaewon districts are littered with coffee shops, vintage clothing/book/stationary stores, art galleries and installations. sounds a little bit like my idea of heaven. plus food.

a cafe i will one day get my backside to: it's going to get called "nicebuns" on here. i have no idea if that's the name, but that's what the post on she said, she said was called!! amazing. i wish i could convey what clutter, paper washing lines, wood and white mean for me, but they're all just so very appealing. love the illustration over the door too. 

apparently there are little caricatures of the owner everywhere, and they serve awesome hand-drip coffee. nothing sounds better than having a caffeine high in a cafe like this where the atmosphere must be so vibrant and alive.


i love korean script. i've told my long suffering boyfriend (who happens to sport a manbun from time to time) that we are visiting seoul. he hasn't got much choice, poor thing.

i also saw this incredible post on she said, she said (a new fave!). toast shaped cork boards? hell yes, mother flippers! these are the bomb. anyone want to buy me one? 

anyway, gorgeous cats and dolls - that's it until next time. hold tight for cupcakes, clumsiness, and more homey love.

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  1. rozzle seal of approval. SO MUCH APPROVAL.

    I'm a real second-hand rose, gotta love the stories in the air when you walk into vintage shops. <3

  2. Good girl!! I'd expect nothing less from someone as wonderful and beautifully stylish as you!! xx <3


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