colours as far as the eye can see...

i'm not sure if it's been the unabated bright and brittle sunshine of the last week here in corsica, or the arrival of my kay nielsen calendar today, but i have been inspired (unusually!) by a whole lot of colours in a whole lot of ways. 

i would love for every meal to look like the above. i particularly like the coffee tin/vase! i was gifted some really beautiful mexican tins from re-found objects based in corbridge, northumberland from my mummy for christmas! when i have a wee nest of my own, i am going to keep flowers in them every day. preferably peonies or tulips or cherry-blossom twigs. but i digress...

 i have a rainbow addiction. it's not something i'm necessarily proud of, but i love colour-arranging books, CDs, magazines, fruit on a plate. a little ocd? maybe, but still. what actually gets me going in the above picture is the wire baskets. what a gorgeous way of organising magazines and things! i am always looking for ways to tidy my various magazines into bundles, and wicker baskets serve this purpose wonderfully, but i like the wire variation - especially with a chalkboard behind it.

 paper-washing-line! gold frames! notice boards! heart garlands! what a beautiful office space. it reminds me a lot of my room both in my parents house (minus giant mucha drinking chocolate poster) and my flat oop norf. i am so excited to be getting back to it!

i love the creative space above - especially the lace doilies on the wall and the coffee sackcloth notice board. i've been getting a real thing for crates lately. how many ways can you think of to use them? i'll mail a bar of milka out to the person who can come up with the most!!

though i'm not usually a fan of mid-century style (and i haven't yet seen mad men, although i truly believe christina hendricks to be the epitome of womanliness!)but the above is so pretty. i'm a big fan of displaying things prettily and effectively. "get rid of anything that is not beautiful or useful" is very sound advice.

and last, but not least, a couple of little coffee pots. everyday items, if joyful and charming, should be displayed at all times so that you can take pride in making the pretty an everyday occurrence. and that gilded tray is to die for! yum. 

i know i promised you all that bitchin' granola recipe, but i'd like to take a picture of it first - so all i can promise is that it will be with you soon! until then - much love.

(all images gratefully reblogged from weheartit.)

3 commentaires:

  1. Wonderful! Chalkboard is gonna happen!!! <3

  2. Those vintage coffee pots are perfect-- and the tray, of course!


  3. So true! Thanks for your comment, Christina! Your blog is so beautiful!


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