take me to a caravan, kiss me with kerouac

i couldn't leave you guys without a vague interior design post!! after all, i was hoping to make this somewhat more of a "my future home and other neat things" blog. 

i found the following images whilst trawling weheartit, but i believe they originally hale from a "sneak peek" feature (which i loooove) on design*sponge. 

the above should feel old and kinda outdated right? so what makes it so cheerful and timeless? is it the light? the lace? the pale wood? the colour contrasts? whatever the magic is - this room is just so inviting. i am definitely going rug shopping when i get home.

the same thing is happening here! the hearts, the white clothed bed tucked under the eves, that beautiful exposed brick and the little desk: what seems like a relatively sparse room is simultaneously so cosy. 

the above image fits nicely with my accidental theme of comforting sparseness and simplicity. light really does seem to be the key here - flood a room with daylight and it'll be inviting, regardless of what you have (or don't have!) in it. 

and that, my friends, is me for the evening! i hope you've enjoyed tonight's post - i'm going to treat myself to a couple of biscuits and then sweet slumber. see you all tomorrow! 

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