it's not the size, it's what you do with it that counts.

please forgive the dreadful cliched title and the fact that i've not been posting as regularly, but manboy has been out to visit me in corsica and it's been just lovely! (he's also frightened of becoming a blog widower...)

full of sun, sand, sea and far too many pains au chocolat, we've also been chatting about his apartment and space saving (as well as our chalkboard paint, wire magazine baskets, and chilli-light plans), we were discussing how his kitchen/living/dining room is a little tight on space. 

naturally, i had to go and have a noodle on apartment therapy to see what they had to offer.

i found this:

it's actually a lot like manboy's apartment in terms of decor and colour scheme, except much better organised with regards to space. apart from the inevitable mason jar lust, i'm loving the cup hooks, and the wire baskets suspended from beneath the shelves. could be handy for spices/crockery? what do you think? 

also - a little self-indulgent moment - sit tight for snaps of ile rousse, valentines cards and CUSHIONS!

(image gratefully reproduced from apartment therapy - be sure to check the link, as it links to other sources for items designed to improve kitchen efficiency!)

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