yummy yuppieness. not easy to say.

'yuppie' 'apartment' and 'envy' are not words i ever figured i'd type in conjunction, but this home created by shannon and aaron hase, owners of yuppie decor (yuppie, for me, has hugely awful connotations...) is just fantastic. i'm not sure i could live there, but i can definitely appreciate what they've done from a design point of view.

and who wouldn't want that stunning shower curtain?

a funny combination of colours that probably shouldn't work but something just makes it all hash together. kudos! i'm also lusting over the sink/dresser combination that the couple made themselves. want want want!!

everyone needs rusty nautical stars somewhere in their home, of this i have no doubt. manboy has just said that you see a lot of these stars all across the east coast of america.

liking the combination between the 18th century mongolian horse and union jack chair. another example of yuppie taste that shouldn't work but somehow does.

how do these people manage it!? check out the rest of the apartment therapy post for more photos here.

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