ever walked into a shop and wished to the high heavens that you lived there?! i have this near-religious experience too often to count. not so much in corsica, admittedly, but still - edinburgh, aberdeen, or web-based, i still wind up falling in love. why shouldn't some of this design love translate to the home then, i wonder?

someone also please buy me all of native(x)'s products, please. please.

well, why not?

currently crushing on philadelphia store lodge215. on the stock, and on the way it's been displayed!! shoes and books? yes please. antler/vintage picture combination is also utterly charming. and that dresser?! phwoar. 

love the lacquered tray on the rusty wire top. the contrast is lovely, and gets points for being easy to clean. if you've got pretty toiletries (like those above), show them off. everything can be a design element.

more of a case of stock-crush than shop design here, but those cushions!!! (has anyone spotted my soft furnishings addiction yet?) the combination of red director's chair and stencil-style prints has me fantasising about what i can do to change up my flat's decor back home. 

an L.A. based store now, punch interieur, is a shop that specialises in "swanky antiques, home decor and furniture, hip vintage clothing and fun bits and gifts". they need to add "awesome displays and unique sense of style" to that list too.

gold shoes omfg. 

as well as having a delicious interior i want to live in, i'm also loving the stock (the two seem to go hand in hand...) pair gold shoes (without drooling) and gold espresso cups and you could have yourself a little bit of sunshine in a bitchin' display form.

sackcloth cushions, pink painted chairs, rustic wood, deer heads, birdcages. whimsy feminine chic - homegrown girl with an edge. so lovely. 

i think one of the reasons behind the charming displays found in stores is that everything has to be successfully shown off. nothing is too cluttered (or shouldn't be) and the eye is given pause. obviously no one wants to look like they're living in a showroom, but there are definitely pointers for displaying your bits and bobs that can be picked up from stores such as those shown above.

silk&burlap is my most recent store crush. divine antiques for the home and the wardrobe. the owners, saule and angelique (such beautiful names too!!) have got an amazing shared sense of style and this reflects not only in the look of their boutique, but also in the treasures on offer. 

(lodge215 images via their website, punch interieur's via apartment therapy, and silk&burlap via design mattters. all very gratefully reproduced)

are you too inspired by stores? what are your favourites? (anthropologie aside, of course...)

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