kasabian's no.1 fan likes hot smoked salmon sammiches and wasabi

sometimes you discover what my friend roseanne likes to call "elsewheres". for me, the best elsewhere will always involve food and coffee. one of my favourite elsewheres is urban angel, a deli and cafe located in edinburgh, providing yummy healthy foodstuffs sustainably/organically/responsibly sourced, that don't cost an arm and a leg.

you know what? it's a freaking awesome combination. they make a mean hot smoked salmon sandwich with wasabi mayo, avocado and watercress on proper bread. 

the people behind the counter are always really lovely and don't mind when i ask for extra lime or ginger in the fresh carrot/orange/apple juice they're making me. the coffee is so good it makes me want to cry with gratitude, and then to top it all, they stock little wafers of dark chocolate infused with rose oil and cracked black pepper. sometimes they'll roast squash with other various vegetables and some fiery fresh chillies. 

picnics bought from urban angel can't help but make you feel like a angel yourself. and if it's too rainy to picnic? they have a cafe for your indoor pleasure. the seasonal menu can be found on their website. go go go!

i haven't yet treated myself to brunch at urban angel, but i know that when i get around to doing so it will be amazing. not just because brunch is easily my favourite meal, but because the food is just that good, if the deli is anything to go by.

which it is.

what a foodie start here to february here on delighted! i got too excited about everything i've posted here to have been able to rein myself in. i hope you've all had wonderful tuesdays! big love.

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