tickled pink

hey everybody! i'm sorry for my absence, i'm stuffed with cold and flu and all other horrible illnesses! (with all the pills and nasal sprays i'm ingesting, i'm apt to rattle, haha!)

i've been soothing my soul with pretty pictures - and i'm feeling all romantic and giddy for valentine's day hence our "tickled pink" theme today...
bra by calvin klein - completely inappropriate for any activity outside the bedroom, but just so beautiful! i love undies like this - the nude feminine and the lace are perfectly delicate - for admiration, rather than a heated moment of clothes-tearing passion! 

shoes. nude, patent, flowery. *drool*

are macarons a flu cure? if not, i reckon they really ought to be. yum yum. they're almost better to look at than to eat... hello, ladurée...

i'm addicted to rachel ashwell's shabby chic gift guide - go and buy it now! your life will be enriched. i'm always coming back to this book for ideas for friends' birthdays, i-love-you gifts, get better/care parcels - it's all there. 

the above would make a pretty gift for someone keen on sewing or fashion and customising. seeing the look on someone's face when you give them that perfect gift just makes me glow.

roses! shabby chic! gotta have flowers on valentine's day. or buy them for yourself if you're not a fan of the hallmark sellout!

cake stand! have a look at lovemeagain for their beautiful vintage china and homewares - why not get your girlfriends around for old-fashioned afternoon tea party on valentine's day? (pretty dresses, pink fizz and cupcakes mandatory)

always the way, huh? thanks for bearing with me through this super-girly post! sit tight for something REALLY neat coming your way!  big love and sniffly kisses to all.

(all images save the calvin klein lingerie gratefully reblogged from weheartit.)

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