rose soap and golden bears

hey up! just a little post to say hello and share some photos that have been malingering in my interweb archives for a wee while now. the photos are via apartment therapy of a los angeles based couple named levi and caitlin. you can view the full house tour here!

those skateboards are too damn cool. i never had coordination enough to skate but the scuffed art on their plywood underside always looked so good. and i know i'm not the only girl out there lusting after suitcase-encased turntables WITH JEWELLED SPEAKERS. 

sweet mother of troy, could these people be any cooler? below may just be the most stylish and unusual table display i have ever seen.

got a headboard that just doesn't fit with your bed, but can't give it away? reinvent pop-stud diner style and run it along a wall beside a table and some chairs for easy entertaining. there's a brocante happening in the town this sunday, so i might have to find a headboard of my own and somehow lug it back to britain with me. 

just to be impractical.

manboy, take note: my birthday is in may. you have four months(ish) to find me a metallic purple deer and a golden bear. because, let's face it, no centerpiece is complete without several gilded animals and ceramics in such pretty, pretty colours.

stay tuned for more finds tomorrow, including a jawdropping tried-and-tested homemade granola recipe that will almost certainly have you choking on your own tongue in anticipation. g'night!

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