ming makes cupcakes!

yes, she does! beautiful, divine cupcakes, with recipes and pretty pictures!! ming makes cupcakes is the most unusual and innovative site i've ever seen - seemingly non-profit, too! but that might just be me being really thick. in any case, you should go over there and check it out. you never know, you may just find the perfect cupcake to tempt your loved one with on valentine's day!!

so it's maybe not the best thing to post before lent (though that's coming around pretty late this year!) but having discovered a gym i can join and going there today between classes (and despite the two glasses of gorgeous muscat and chilli-rosemary frites i burnt my tongue on earlier) i'm feeling virtuous enough to drool over the above. also - what amazing flavour combinations!! cor blimey, guv. give me a lemon meringue cupcake any day.


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