laissez lucie faire

as i'm sure all 240 of my french students would agree, the cushions below are "trop chou!". hello there, laissez lucie faire.

inspired by designers such as christian lacroix, and kenzo, lucie dancette creates cute and colourful prints applied to cushions, purses, lampshades, and more.

i'd love to have a bunch of these gorgeous designs scattered liberally over my bed or sofa (and i've been ebay trawling for more retro cushions at nice prices, so this may yet become a reality!). at home in scotland i have a couple of beautiful inherited cranberry coloured sofas - covered with some sort of jewel-toned sari fabric or soft throw and sprinkled generously with pretty pillows, i think this could be quite the look to go for...

off to do boutique shopping in bastia tomorrow with my fellow assistants, primarily hunting up the above cushion in the flesh (or should that be fabric?) - and debating whether to buy it or not - let's hope the sales are still on!!
pink lace, black and white stripes - it's almost everything i want from a lingerie set, but instead forms the backdrop for a faux-cross-stitch alpine house. i mean, really - what more could you want?

love love love!! happy friday folks!

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