paper lovin'

if there's one thing i've really learned to appreciate whilst being overseas, it's the arrival of post. today, i'm falling in love with paper goods (and a little bit of jewellery, too) from the yellow owl workshop and some seriously cool artwork in poster form from landland.net.

it might be old-fashioned of someone living in this technological age of ours to say that she prefers a little something in her letterbox to a thousand updates on facebook, but it's true. post can be easily underestimated, but a wee card or a note (especially if it arrived on the back of one of the beauties above or below) just makes my day, all day.

but if you only have some blank paper for your letters to hand, jazz the paper up with a stamp or two from the yellow owl workshop. i adore the shells and the linen bags - these would make a super-cute present too.

letter-writing and stamps just not your thing? the yellow owl also make seriously eye-catching pendants. the shield pendants remind me happily of prefect badges at high school (though i scrammed out of school before i technically served my prefectship, i held onto my little green and gold badge as evidence that some poor misguided teacher thought to put me in a position of authority! eek!)

the delicacy of the chain knotted around the pendants makes a nice break away from regular findings, too. 

below is an example of one of the art prints made by landland.net. whilst most of their work appears to be commissioned by various companies, i'm convinced that one of their posters, regardless of its intended purpose, would really kick an entryway or a hall into action.

today i'm also: dribbling over rumi neely's style sense exhibited by her blog fashion toast, getting way too excited about returning to scotland for just five days, and nursing macbook related forehead wounds... all of this and more to come, so hold onto your hats, kids!

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