*lusty image overload commencing*

brought to my attention via apartment therapy, to theirs by a mr. conrad of the philadelphia-based streets dept. blog (dealing with style, art, and awesome), who is a contributing author to another philly-grown wonder: phrequency, where you can view ALL the photos from this incredible shoot - i am currently in interior design heaven. 

what a find - especially when this week i'm still burning hot on my "rough industrial theme". you're about to be inundated with beautiful, inspiring photos of a beautiful, inspiring home - housed in an unassuming building, entered by one of the best doors i have ever seen.

i am british through and through but the above (and the rest of this home, i might add) makes my heart pitter-patter with sheer pleasure. the owners, doub hanshaw and james david mahaffey have the most incredible sense of style, and the juxtapositions between modern and vintage, femininity and masculinity, open spaces and cosy atmosphere makes me dizzy. 

a cosy loft?! who'd have thought of that. it's neither sparse nor minimalist - hurrah! 

bathroom LOVE. (more a case of lust when it comes to the oriental screen at the bottom of this post) but WOW. lace tablecloth partition between bath and peeping toms? i can't think of anything more titillating than bathing by candlelight, with soft lace beside a body. just gorgeous - such a delicate way of creating separate spaces within a room. 

gumball machine? why not? i imagine brick walls are a motherflipper to attach paintings and posters to - so keep your art on the ground, you know? it's still going to look fantastic. 

iron bed frame, stone sink, long wooden trestle table. beautiful materials combined in such a harmonious fashion. i am now desperate for a myriad of shiny red balloons attached to my bed. i would be doing this now, but my bed here is really more of a mattress on a stand. *quiet sob*

entryways! exposed brick, leather stetsons, sheepskin bags. could there be a more divine combination?

there are just so many design elements about this place that make it a one-off. the bedroom is so soft and delicate with its gauzy walls and the clothing displayed out along the rail is a decoration in its own right (i have such a vibe going on back home, my mother commented that it was less a clothing rail and more a theatrical dress box...) and who wouldn't want a candlelit rough stone wet room with a projected clock on the wall?

this home really does speak to my heart - but what do you lot think about it? a cosy example of rough industrial - what a treat!! 

3 commentaires:

  1. I think I have tressle table and kitchen sink envy. Sigh.

  2. How did I not see this before? It's absolutely amazing, all of it. The clock on the wall just about killed me.


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